Norman Davies ”Poland in the Rockies hit on exactly the right formula.”
Andrew Nagorski – Newsweek ”If a program like this had been offered at the time when I was a student, I’m sure I would have jumped at the opportunity.”
Stan Oziewicz – Globe & Mail ”I’ve been to many conferences; this is the first that will stay with me forever.”
Katherine – Chicago ”I deepened my understanding of my heritage, forged new and lasting friendships, and was inspired to carry out academic research in Warsaw, Poland.”
Martin – Toronto ”PITR brings together some of the brightest and most talented young Polish-Canadians and engages them in a unique experience of knowledge, interaction and the exquisite surroundings of the majestic Rocky Mountains”
Nina – Washington ”PITR set me on my path for my career… opened up a whole new world to me that sent me to graduate school to study the post communist world and landed me at a job in the international affairs community, focusing on democracy assistance… I have contacts all over the globe ready to support my work. I grew as a person, a thinker and a friend.”
Judith – Cape Town ”I’m a slightly more uncommon PITR attendee – being neither Polish, nor an official student of the language, the country or the people. Call it an exercise in empathy-making and community-building, if you will; PITR connected me to a community of people dotted all around the globe whose common ancestry, language or location continue to intrigue me.”


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Poland in the Rockies What is it?

Poland in the Rockies is a ten-day seminar of Polish studies held in Banff, Canada every two to three summers. The program is in English to make it accessible to North American students who are interested in Polish history and culture as well as contemporary Poland.  All qualified students receive a full scholarship to attend provided they are able to travel to Calgary.

PitR  is a collegial experience based on the notion that knowing where you come from gives you a better sense of where you are going. Through the lens of Polish history and culture, the PitR academic experience provides individuals with insight into the factors that shape identity, ethnic diversity and the cultural fabric of a society. By drawing on this understanding and the friendships that they forge, PitR alumni return to their communities with an increased ability to serve the broader good.


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